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Deploy Node & Deno apps globally, with extremely fast builds, built-in analytics, custom domains with SSL, CPU & memory monitor, and more.

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How it works
The fastest way to deploy global apps
Simply connect your GitHub account and choose which repo and branch you want to deploy from. Monorepos are also supported. You can also select Auto-Deploy to automatically deploy your app whenever you make a commit.
No more waiting around for builds to complete
With extremely fast builds, the latest changes to your app are released to your users in seconds. No more waiting around.
Completed in 7 seconds
Automatic routing to closest deployment
Nubo deploys your app across multiple regions. Users have fast access to your app no matter where they access from.


Node & Deno
Nubo suports both Node and Deno runtimes, allowing you to have the best of both worlds for deploying JavaScript and TypeScript applications in the cloud.
Your app, everywhere
Your app is distributed globally allowing you to have fast, low latency access from anywhere around the world. Users are then routed to the closest deployment.
Custom domains with SSL
You also get to use your own custom domain for your app. Nubo automatically provisions and renews an SSL certificate for you, so your app always stays secure.
Straight from the source
Nubo provides analytics data straight from the platform without impacting your app's performance, allowing you to see page views, unique visitors, and much more.
See exactly what's happening
With Nubo, you get to see exactly how your app is performing. From http status, to memory and CPU usage, you get complete oversight of your app's health.
Detailed logs
View real-time logs from your apps. Each set of logs is organised by region, so you can see exactly what is happening, and also which region it's coming from.

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