Introducing Nubo

The fastest way to build global apps

A platform where you can build truly global applications. Nubo manages, secures and scales your apps and data across multiple regions around the world in one go.
Nubo Apps

Deploy anything, everywhere

Build in the language of your choice, from Node.js and Python, to Rust, Golang and custom Docker images. Nubo deploys your apps across the world in one go.

Fast access with

Nubo automatically routes your users to the closest available deployment, so no matter where your users are visiting from, they experience fast, low latency access to your service.

Analytics straight
from the source

No need to install 3rd-party analytics tags. Nubo Analytics provides data straight from the platform without impacting performance, allowing you to see page views, unique visitors, browser/device details and much more.

Nubo Data

A datastore like no other

Store your data across multiple regions and access it in milliseconds with the auto-generated GraphQL schema and built-in Instant Search. You have full control over who can access your data with fine-grained access control.

No more setting up custom GraphQL servers.

Search as you type

Your data is also automatically indexed and distributed globally. This means that you can search your data in milliseconds and display results as you type with ready-made React components.

Real-time subscriptions

Build real-time applications with SDKs by subscribing to live changes to your data.

Keep your data synchronized

Sync your data from Contentful, Dropbox and more, then access it in one place via GraphQL.

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