Global deployments made easy

Nubo manages, secures and scales your apps across multiple regions and multiple cloud providers in one go.

Step 1

Select the language of your choice

Step 2

Nubo pulls your code from GitHub, then builds it in a container that can run anywhere.

Step 3

Deploy your app to multiple regions and cloud providers around the world in one go, all under a single domain.

Nubo cloud providers

High availability

Nubo automatically routes your users to the closest available deployment, ensuring that if a region, or even an entire cloud provider goes down, your users are seamlessly directed to the closest healthy deployment.

Nubo - high availability

Better than static sites

Static sites are great at delivering content that doesn’t change much, such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS, however, your dynamic content from APIs, content management systems and databases are restricted to a single region.

Nubo securely deploys your entire stack across the globe, and automatically routes users to the closest location, making it the perfect combination for Jamstack sites.

Nubo - Better than static sites

Predictable billing

You have full control over where your apps are deployed and therefore have a predictable bill.

We regularly monitor your traffic so you can see exactly where and how often your apps are accessed from different locations, allowing you to scale up or down to meet demand per region.

Nubo - billing

Built-in analytics, straight from the source

No need to install 3rd-party analytics tags. Nubo Analytics provides data straight from the platform without impacting performance, allowing you to see page views, unique visitors, browser/device data and much more.

Nubo Analytics

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